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Shaolin Monk Martial Arts East Sydney

is full-time operated training studio ran by Shifu Jason “Yong Jian”.

Shifu Jason specializes in Personal Training for Traditional Shaolin Temple Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation.

The lineage


30th Generation Grand Master

Shi SuXi (1924-2006)

Shi SuXi was the ex-president of the Shaolin Temple and one of the last monks of the elder generations. He was revered for his knowledge and skill in both martial arts and chan Buddhism. Shi SuXi devoted 70yrs of his life to the Shaolin Temple and endured many hardships in order to preserve the traditions of Shaolin.


33rd Generation
Shifu Jason Yong Jian
Disciple of Master Shifu Brett. Shifu Jason has been training under Master Shifu for over 18yrs. He has over 22 years of experience as a personal trainer for health and well-being and has been teaching Traditional Shaolin Temple Kung Fu full time for over 15 yrs.


32nd Generation Master
Shifu Brett Xing Wu Russell

He was instructed by Great Master Shi De Fon, lineage transmission disciple of Grandmaster Shi Su Xi [Ex-Presitdent of the Shaolin Temple], and given the name Shi Xing Wu. After years of training, also meeting with other monk masters, Shi Xing Wu attained a very high level of martial arts. Master Shifu Shi Xing Wu is now ranked a 4th Duan Wei [Master Instructor] by the Chinese Wushu Association for Traditional Shaolin Temple Martial arts and represents them in Australia. Master Shifu Shi Xing Wu has travelled the globe, learning, displaying and teaching martial arts and has gained worldwide recognition. He now is also the representative of the Shaolin Temple Chan Wu Association of Australia and the Chin Wu Association of Australia. Master Shifu Shi Xing Wu is now spreading the teachings of Traditional Shaolin Temple Martial Arts and Chan teachings at his Shaolin Monk Martial Arts Centres in Australia.


30th Generation Grand Master

Master Shi Defon

GreatMaster Defon spent many years training under the guidance of Grand Master Shi SuXi, he also studied under Shi SuYun during his later years at the temple furthering his skills in Shaolin Kung Fu and Shaolin Medicine. GreatMaster DeFon has a rich family history in Kung Fu as his grandfather and great grandfather were both Shaolin fighting monks. His great grand father Zhao Yu Fan was the last empress of China's head bodyguard and medical doctor. Zhao Yu Fan taught Yu Zhen Sheng (a leading exponent of Chaquan and Northern Shaolin) and Xu Gong Wei (a famous Chinese doctor and head instructor of Kung Fu for the Army at Nanjing city). Greatmaster DeFon became a indoor disciple of Xu Gong Wei when he left the Shaolin Temple to pursue a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. GrandMaster DeFon is now considered a Shaolin Folk Master and currently holds a 7 Duan Wei by the Chinese Wushu Association.

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