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Traditional Shaolin training is a integration of the mind, body and spirit. The body and mind are inseparable and with practice, patience and consistency students will strengthen all these. Shaolin training also builds character, virtue, confidence and will-power.

There is no belt or sash ranking system at SMMA- East Sydney. Students progress through the numerous Taolu (forms) when they are ready. This can be relatively quick or long depending on the students practice.

All students learn Traditonal Taolu (forms) empty handed and weapons, applications from form and Iron Shirt QiGong.

Strength and Conditioning as well as flexibility are highly concentrated on throughout training.

Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu is extremely useful for real-life self defense. Techniques use to be taught in Shaolin with the intent of defending their lives. Nowadays we do not face such life and death situations on a daily basis therefore the techniques are learned and understood but not applied.

Everyone can train in Shaolin no matter what age, gender or skill level. All can benifit from the training of Traditional Shaolin Temple Kung Fu

The only way to become proficient in Shaolin Kung Fu is through hard work and discipline.


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